DEZEGA about processing, achievements and plans for the future

итоги года

As per established years-long tradition on the eve of the New Year holidays, we summarize and reminisce achievements of 2021, as well as open slightly the curtain on the plans for the upcoming 2022 – the Year of the Tiger.

Processing in online mode

Nowadays, partial or full remote working of company employees does not surprise anyone. Beyond dispute, this year has passed under the guidance of online communication, conferences, meetings and negotiations. Meanwhile, the results of DEZEGA’s operation points to the efficiency of partially remote cooperation and managing, all this is due to the structuring and systematization of our business processes and implementation of the company strategy.

In the early stage two years ago we managed to arrange all necessary conditions for comfortable and safe work of our employees, organize remote cooperation, keep jobs and staff up our team, and fulfil all contractual obligations to clients on time. We gained proficiency in holding webinars for the users of DEZEGA products from all over the world, the purpose of which is to issue accreditation for trainers who will further train miners at their facilities. Diversifying the business and adapting to the “covid” reality was a singular problem, but thanks to joint efforts, accommodation of business processes under new conditions, development of interaction rules and a well-planned strategy, we succeeded!

Manufacture and service sites

We are proud that our Turkish plant DEZEGA SP has reached a new production target and achieved the planned working capacity in one shift. The new service center opening in the Russian Federation based on “South Ural Respiratory Protective Equipment” Llc also became a significant event for the company. The service center functions to provide services for warranty and post-warranty repair and maintenance of DEZEGA compressed oxygen breathing apparatus and auxiliary equipment.

In addition to improving DEZEGA breathing apparatus, we also develop visual training materials such as posters and training videos, detailed user manuals, and train our service specialists. In addition, we are concerned about the convenience of our equipment maintenance: DEZEGA accredited centers are in Ukraine, South Africa, Colombia, India, Poland and the Russian Federation. That means that we provide services in all key markets. For instance, our service center in Tychy, Poland, is focused not only on the Polish market but also is a hub used by DEZEGA to manage logistics of the products, training and service for all European countries of operation.

About sales and general customer liability

Over the past year, DEZEGA has expanded both the sales geography of our products and the scope of its application. We confirmed our positions in Poland, Ukraine and the countries of the Customs Union, increased the market share in South Africa, Colombia, and Australia. Apart from the traditional markets for underground coal and hard rock mining, we launched the adjacent market sectors. Our products are supplied to tunnel construction and maintenance companies, water treatment plants with underground storage tanks, water-pumping stations, enterprises with the underground infrastructure, as well as civilians for evacuation in case of fires in high-rise buildings, shopping malls or other people mass gatherings.

DEZEGA manufactures quite specific products and, of course, we value all our customers and partners. We make progress and move on: we won several big tenders and signed a number of long-term contracts for the supply and maintenance of our equipment, including:

  • service maintenance of breathing apparatus, which will be carried out throughout 2022;
  • self-contained self-rescuers CARBO 70 supply for a number of companies over the next three years;
  • a long-term cooperation agreement was concluded with one of the largest mining companies in the world;
  • pre-orders are received for the new P-70 breathing apparatus for 2022 and many others.

DEZEGA products certification

DEZEGA Research and Development Center was purposefully arranged in Ukraine: our country is rich in specialists with a high level of professionalism, numerous skills and competencies. Experienced highly qualified engineers lead our development teams. Our engineers do not get to know about technological innovations from the media, they create them by themselves. DEZEGA, therefore, guarantees its employees not only competitive salaries but also special bonuses.

It is worth noting that the path of creating a new RPE and launching it to the market takes a long period of time, which consists of many processes and stages. These are: research and development, design, experimental and industrial operation, launching into production, laboratory and certification tests, passing a production audit and conformity assessment. Only after successfully passing all the stages and procedures, the product may be deployed by the consumer. So, in 2021, the new CARBO 60 breathing apparatus was certified in Europe in accordance with EN 13794 and EU 2016/425 legislation. This self-contained self-rescuer has no analogues on the RPE market because it is the lightest and most compact belt-worn device with a long rated duration time.

In 2021 the new compact and ergonomic self-contained self-rescuer DEZEGA ROXY 30 was certified in South Africa for compliance with SANS 1737:2017. The apparatus is designed to meet the harsh working conditions in South African gold, platinum, diamond, coal and other mines. The development also took into consideration the anthropometric and physiological characteristics of users, as well as the wishes of female miners. The South African standard is extremely tough with regard to the mechanical robustness of self-contained self-rescuers.

DEZEGA has once again confirmed the compliance of its products with international standards by updating the EU-type examination certificates for serial products 1PVM KS, Ci-30 KS, P-30EX, D-VISION due to the expiration of previous certificates and the release of the new legislation in Europe.

Participation in specialized events

The outgoing year was full of interesting and significant events, which have finally begun to be held not only online, but also offline or in a mixed format. We visited many exhibitions and participated with stands at several key ones in the segment of safety and mine rescue services. Moreover, DEZEGA equipment was used in mine rescue competitions held in different parts of the world.

In September 2021, DEZEGA became the Gold Sponsor of the International Mine Rescue Conference IMRB-2021, which was held online for the first time in its 20-year history. And after that in October DEZEGA presented its product line and conducted a presentation at the Mining Natural Resources And Technologies Fair (MINEX). In the same month, representatives of our company took part in the 33rd International Exhibition on Health and Safety A+A 2021 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

In November mine-rescuers, using DEZEGA equipment won the VINACOMIN Mining Rescue Conference. It’s also a special pride for us that in the National Mining Safety and Rescue Olympics, which took place in Colombia, the winner was a team of mine rescuers that used DEZEGA Ci-30 KS self-contained self-rescuers as an auxiliary device for victims or for use in an emergency.

Corporate social responsibility

Being a socially responsible business, we care not only about ensuring safe working conditions for our employees, their training, stable wages, but also support various public initiatives. So, this year we have supported the following projects:

Future expectation

DEZEGA plans to continue launching new products on the market and is actively working on this. We hold on to the same direction vector as earlier in the company’s development strategy. This is both maintaining leadership position and increasing the share of presence on the current markets, keeping existing customers and attracting new ones, as well as developing related industries and bringing products to the new sales markets, to new countries and segments.

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