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Speaker profiles

ANTON SAKOVYCH, Chairman of the Board of Directors at DEZEGA
Has over 10 years’ management experience in the field of mine rescue equipment. He is responsible for the business transformation projects, strategic…
YURIY SPIVAK, Business Development Director at DEZEGA
Has been working in the mine-rescue equipment industry for more than 10 years. Mr. Spivak has great expertise in the use of respiratory protection…
SERHII SKOROBAHATKO, Chief Marketing Officer at DEZEGA
The sphere of his professional activity includes the following issues: strategy of business development; product portfolio management; promotion and…
DMYTRO VAKHNYTSKYI, Head of the Technical Marketing Unit at DEZEGA
An expert in the field of self-contained breathing apparatus with compressed oxygen (SCBA CO). He has many years of experience in the mine rescue…

Product photos HD

It is important to store self-rescuers correctly to keep them in working condition. DEZEGA open type rack for the lamp room will keep the self-…
The new DEZEGA WAIST BELT – is a universal belt for carrying the self-contained self-rescuers and cap lamps. DEZEGA specialists designed it so that…
DEZEGA leak testing device PGS-2
DEZEGA leak testing device PGS-2 is used to regularly test shoulder-belt self-contained self-rescuers 1PVM KS, SSS-1PV KS, SSS-1P KS, SSS-1M, GORNYAK…
DEZEGA gas detection tubes
Chemical gas detection tubes are used for the instant detection of gas components in the air of mining environments.
Hand pump DEZEGA AM-5
The АМ-5 hand pump (aspirator) is used with gas detectors for suctioning a gas mixture through gas detection tubes, ensuring instant detection of gas…
Emergency escape hood DEZEGA EmSCAPE
It is used to protect from irrespirable atmospheres that pose an Immediate Danger to Life and Health (IDLH) in case of fire or waiting for help.