DEZEGA presented CARBO 60 at Minex-2021


DEZEGA took part in the VIII International Exhibition of the Mining Industry and Construction Equipment - Mining, Natural Resources And Technologies Fair (MINEX). The event took place from 13 to 15 October in Izmir, Turkey.

MINEX-2021 – is an exhibition that congregates representatives of all mining enterprises, mineral processing companies, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, engineers, metallurgists and consultants from all over the world. The latest innovations in equipment, technologies, chemical and engineering services in the field of mining and processing of minerals are usually presented here.

DEZEGA, as an international manufacturer of personal respiratory protection equipment (RPE), presented its product line at the exhibition. DEZEGA Chief Marketing Officer Serhii Skorobahatko made a report on the topic: “Implementation of the Expectation Training for the Miners and New Innovative Ergonomic Self-Contained Self-Rescuer CARBO 60”.

In his speech, Serhii Skorobahatko mentioned the stages of the mining industry development: how it all began and up to the achievement of modern technologies and developments in the field of RPE and approaches to improve the level of safety.

It’s not surprising that only at the beginning of the 21st century, with a risk-based approach to the analysis of the safety and health protection level, it was decided to introduce obligatory training for miners. Training requirements are established at the legislative level in the Republic of South Africa, Australia, USA, Ukraine, Russian Federation and other countries. Analyzing and investigating accidents show that fatalities are most often happen due to the poor training of workers and violations of health and safety rules, and not because of problems or failure of personal respiratory protection equipment itself.

Miners need to be trained on how to use and breathe in the exact type of self-rescuers that are deployed in the enterprise. Indeed, mistakes may become fatal in an emergency.  There are occasions, when business leaders save money by using old or decommissioned self-rescuers for training, thereby bringing to nought the training itself.

The second important aspect is training in conditions as close as possible to the real emergencies with poor visibility, smoke, the risk of disorientation. Panic should not cause mistakes while evacuation with a self-rescuer. This is the approach which is now being implemented by most countries where the safety of the workers is given a lot of attention: USA, Australia, etc. The user must feel and practice the donning procedure and breathing in the RPE. It is important to understand breathing conditions in a self-rescuer, breathing resistance, heating of the case and breathing gas, and much more.

Unfortunately, as world practice and fatalities show, such changes in safety rules occur after accidents mostly.

A safety solution is a complex issue and approach: a miner should not only be able to don and breathe correctly in a self-rescuer, but the procedure itself should be as simple and intuitive as possible.

Meanwhile, the self-rescuer mustn't interfere with the miner when performing work, is always on the user, and is comfortable and ergonomic for daily wear, adapted to the user’s working conditions. And, of course, it must have maximum protective properties and provide the user with a gas breathing mixture, throughout the entire service life in severe operating conditions.

DEZEGA has developed in close cooperation with users and launched the self-rescuer CARBO 60 – a breakthrough in the breathing apparatus industry over the past decades.

CARBO 60 is a unique, new ergonomic self-rescuer that can be worn either on a shoulder belt, a waist belt or in a pouch. This is the lightest and most compact device with the ability of waist belt carrying and a long rated duration time, providing the miner with oxygen for at least 60 minutes while active evacuation. In addition, it provides the maximum comfort level and reliability both during daily wear and after donning.

You have the opportunity to impress on this yourself by the deployment of the CARBO 60 self-contained self-rescuer!

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