The world premiere of the new oxygen gas booster system from DEZEGA at KATOWICE 2022

Катовіце 2022

The 28th International Exhibition of Mining, Energy and Metallurgy KATOWICE 2022 will be held in Poland from September 6 to 9. The fair has a 30-year history and takes place every two years in the Spodek exhibition center located in the city of Katowice, the capital of the Polish mining industry. It has been established a long time ago that KATOWICE is one of the leading industry exhibitions in Eastern Europe, which gathers more than 17,000 professionals and about 500 participants from 20 countries.

The offers presented during the exhibition cover complex services for mining, from design to innovative equipment for the mining industry. The fair is accompanied by many international conferences and symposiums attended by representatives of the European Commission, the Polish government, the International Energy Agency and European science.

This year, the world premiere of the DEZEGA new oxygen gas booster system HIHPG2 awaits you at the DEZEGA booth. This booster system is the smallest, lightest, and quietest in its class with minimal maintenance requirements and is easy to operate. DEZEGA HIHPG2 is intended to increase gas pressure from transport cylinders up to 27.5 MPa, to fill small high-pressure cylinders of self-contained breathing apparatus or other equipment. The DEZEGA gas booster system is designed as part of the new P-70 positive pressure self-contained breathing apparatus's ecosystem for ergonomic and maximum convenience when used. By the additional request, the booster system can be supplied with digital switches, pressure regulators, manifolds and other additional options. In addition, the booth will also display the new small-sized self-contained self-rescuers CARBO 60, the Breathing equipment test set DEZEGA CheckUp and many other DEZEGA products that have already proven themselves well and reliably on the European market and 50+ other countries of the world.

“Despite the fact that Ukraine is currently going through difficult times of struggle and opportunities for the implementation of big projects have become much less, we still managed to accumulate our efforts to present our new products at one of the leading industry events. It was important for us to find an opportunity to participate in the fair because it is a huge platform of opportunities to meet and communicate with existing and potential customers, partners and direct users of DEZEGA products. We listen to everyone and receive feedback to continue to improve existing products and develop new ones. Poland is an important market for us, where a large number of our products, including self-contained self-rescuers, have been deployed in recent years, and this only says that our devices are characterized by exceptional quality, reliability and, most importantly, meet the requirements and expectations of our users," – noted Anton Sakovych, Chairman of the Board of Directors at DEZEGA

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