Year’s results and future expectations of DEZEGA

years results 2022

Dear Clients and partners!

Let us congratulate you on the upcoming holidays!

As tradition demands, shortly before holidays we sum up the operation of the company for the past year and crack the curtain on the plans.

2022 had a promising future for the entire DEZEGA company: we started the year confidently with ambitious goals, detailed development strategies, and with hope, faith, and a clear plan for a successful future. However, since the 24th of February, this year has become a massive upheaval for the company, our employees, residents of Ukraine, and for the whole world.

The situation required quick, balanced decisions and, above all, ensuring the safety of employees, as much as possible, taking into consideration the realities of today in Ukraine. Plans required operational reconfiguration of business processes and adaptation.

Thanks to the organized and well-knit team, we managed to adjust the work to a rather difficult situation in a short period. Of course, problems arose at every stage, starting with logistics, timely supply of raw materials, and other risks that could lead to the non-fulfillment of our contractual obligations and promises. However, the risks were minimized and the operation of the company did not stop for a single day, and we are proud of this. We are sincerely grateful to our loyal partners and customers who came forward at the beginning of the war and placed additional orders for our products. This step significantly supported our fighting spirit and motivated us for further development! Thank you!

Despite all the difficulties that daily befall our team, we have important achievements in 2022:

  1. DEZEGA CARBO 60 self-contained self-rescuer received the SANS 53794:2007 Letter of Authority;
  2. the 5th generation breathing apparatus P-70 has been successfully tested in India;
  3. new DEZEGA oxygen gas booster system HIHPG2 was launched on the market;
  4. thanks to our colleagues from DEZEGA Polska, we took part in the international exhibition of mining industry, energy and metallurgy KATOWICE 2022 in Poland, where we could demonstrate both products proven over the years and the latest developments at our own booth;
  5. thanks to our reliable, loyal and long-term partners, the companies Schauenburg Systems and MineARC Systems, DEZEGA’s products have been exhibited at the 24th International Exhibition of Equipment for the Mining Industry and Energy Electra Mining Africa 2022;
  6. the MineArc company took part in the world's largest exhibition of construction and mining equipment BAUMA 2022 and presented the products of the DEZEGA company at its booth;
  7. we took part in many local occasions, exhibitions, tests, competitions, and other events;
  8. we continue to work on our projects, many of which are at the final stage of launching into production;
  9. development, investment in production and the product range extension at the plant in Turkey are in full swing.

Most importantly, we preserved our team of professionals and ensured the safety of workers in Ukraine and conditions for further work and development. Thanks to this and a highly competent team in Turkey, we can confidently guarantee the fulfillment of all our contractual commitments and obligations of launching new products on the market.

And at the beginning of 2023, we will announce the start of taking orders for new products, which we rest hopes on.

On the eve of the coming holidays, we would like to wish each of your family well-being in the new year. Good health, financial prosperity, and sunny peaceful skies!



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