D-Vision full-face mask
D-Vision full-face mask

DEZEGA D-VISION full-face mask is respiratory protective equipment (RPE) to be used with closed-circuit SCBAs of P-30, P-30EX type and other self-contained breathing apparatuses with compressed oxygen. The mask provides maximum comfort and minimizes the user’s fatigue for the whole time rated working duration of the SCBA.


The mask is intended to protect the skin cover of the face, breathing and visual organs in the atmosphere that is immediately dangerous to life and health. It is suitable for rescue, maintenance and service operations.



The sizes and proportions of the human face vary essentially. If the mask is too large or too small, it may slip aside, overburden and limit the field of vision, and thus lose its protective capability because of a loose fit. To provide for the user's maximum comfort, DEZEGA offers 6 size combinations: 3 mask body sizes and 2 inner mask sizes. It is essential to choose the correct size combination, taking into account the shape of the face and other individual features, for a tighter fit along the obturator line. For a quick choice, try on the medium size of the mask body and the medium size of the inner mask first: this is the most common combination.

DEZEGA recommends using the special sizing pattern to choose the right size of the mask body and inner mask.

To prevent the mask from fogging up during use, apply DEZEGA Clear-Vision solution to the inner surface of the visor and impregnate the visor wipe with it. During long operations, the visor might fog up from the inside. To remove the condensation, turn the handwheel of the wipe: it will renew the layer of protective DEZEGA Clear-Vision solution on the visor.


  • 3 sizes of the mask body are made of silicone or EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer): small (S), medium (M-L) and large (XL)
  • 2 sizes of fit-all inner mask: small (S) and medium (M)



  • Improved visor wipe system minimizes fogging up and the condensation is removed easily
  • The handwheel connects to the wipe directly, and not through the visor, which  precludes the loss of tightness because of the wear of the connecting joint
  • Wide and flexible belts of the 5-point headgear made of EPDM or fabric net tightly fix the mask on the head and evenly distribute the pressure over the head along the contact line
  • Buckles and fastenings of the headgear do not become hot and do not burn the face where they touch the skin directly: they are made of heatproof materials without metal parts
  • Shock-proof polycarbonate visor is resistant to scratches, flame and heat flow. Its rectangular shape provides for at least 70% of the natural field of vision, which improves both front and side visibility
  • High speech intelligibility due to larger speech diaphragm

A hard copy of the EU declaration of conformity is supplied with each product or batch. If an electronic copy is needed, please contact us via e-mail at info@dezega.com


Mask leak tightness at negative pressure 1000 Pa:


Allowable pressure drop in 1 min, Pa, not more than


Size, without headgear and neck strap, mm, not more than








Connector type:

MD – bush with a thread 5/16”

QF - quick-fit plug in

Performance specifications:


Ambient air temperature, °C

-20… +60

Relative air humidity at 40 °C, %

up to 100

Mask weight with neck strap, kg, not more than


Service life, years


Warranty period, months


User Manual D-VISION
The user manual describes the construction and requirements for the operation and service of the DEZEGA D-VISION full-face mask. Languages: EN, UK, SL
Certificate of EU Type Examination in compliance with PPE Directive (EN 136:1998)
Special sizing pattern
Special sizing pattern for choosing the right size of the mask body and inner mask.