A training on donning DEZEGA self-contained self-rescuers took place in Kryvyi Rih


At the end of October, the leading employees of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine based at a strategic platoon of the State Militarized Mine Rescue Team of the State Office of Emergency Management in Ukraine took training on donning DEZEGA Ci-30 KS self-contained self-rescuers (SCSR) and DEZEGA training  SCSRs TRAINER C. The training was held in Kryvyi Rih (Ukraine).

The managers who have completed the training will further conduct practical training for all operations officers of the State Militarized Mine Rescue Teams units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in five regions: Poltava, Zaporizhia, Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolayiv and Kirovograd.

A self-contained self-rescuer is an individual respiratory protection device, on which the life of both a miner and a mine rescuer depends in a critical emergency situation. The apparatus allows a person to breathe if there is no oxygen and/or there are dangerous gases in the ambient environment. If the oxygen content in the air is less than 17% (usually 20-21%), oxygen deficiency begins – hypoxia, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, the person loses consciousness. The breathing apparatus gives a chance for rescue or rather a self-rescue.

The State Militarized Mine Rescue Teams of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine pays special attention to ensuring the safety of its employees. In fact, the lives of people who have faced a critical emergency depend on their coordinated and timely actions. Therefore, the mine rescuer must be able to don the SCSR quite quickly, within 15 seconds, which will allow him to do it while holding his breath. DEZEGA not only supplies unique training self-rescuers, but also conducts user training at the customer’s site, provides customers with a wide range of educational materials (from posters to videos), and also provides a range of consulting and other services. The training apparatus allows you to practice the donning procedure until it becomes automatic and to get acquainted with the peculiarities of breathing in self-contained self-rescuers, as well as completely repeat the breathing and donning conditions.

The use of training self-rescuers TRAINER and TRAINER C significantly saves the customer’s expenses and resources for the training.

DEZEGA is proud to ensure the safety of both employees of many coal and hard rock mines in Ukraine, and mine rescuers of the State Militarized Mine Rescue Teams of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine!

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