Successful completion of DEZEGA SP Intern Program

D SP Internship

2020 has become a significant year not only for our company and country but also for the world. New “COVID” reality tested all companies, businesses and national economics for stability.  Despite the stalemate situation and circumstances, businesses tried to help each other as much as possible and to contribute to the fight against the pandemic.

Therefore, in December 2020 our Turkish plant DEZEGA SP launched the Intern Program for Turkish students. The initiator of the program was Burak Yaka, Chief Engineer of the plant, with the support of Alexey Chernov, General Manager of DEZEGA SP. The internship lasted 3,5 months. During this period, 73 students took part in this program. Upon completion of the DEZEGA SP Intern Program, all participants received certificates: 53 students – for the successful accomplishment of the program and 20 – for participation. Presumably, the next Internship Program will start in June 2021.

“We wanted to support the next generation of technicians. In fact, due to the COVID-19 pandemic students from many countries have lost their opportunity to undertake an internship at the production. At DEZEGA SP students had an opportunity to put their knowledge to use directly at the enterprise. They had worthy mentors and curators – professionals of their craft and guides to the world of technologies. Our specialists were happy to share their knowledge and experience with interns. We are sure that the search for young talents should start from the student bench. Attracting young talents turns into the goal of the company’s further development.

DEZEGA SP is a modern plant with high-tech equipment and impressive capacities, there is a lot to learn and from whom to gain experience. Our doors are open, welcome to the next DEZEGA SP Internship Program in June!” – summarized Anton Sakovych, Chairman of the board of directors, DEZEGA.

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