St. Barbara is the patron saint of miners

saint Barbara

The Poles celebrate Miner's Day on December 4. The traditional professional holiday is also called ‘Barbórka’, because it coincides with the religious holiday of St. Barbara, the patron saint of all miners, geologists, engineers, sappers, artillerymen and other people, who work with explosives. On this day, the morning solemn mass is held in the cathedrals throughout Poland. The real essence of Barbórka actually takes place behind closed doors in the days leading up to December 4th during annual meetings of the ‘Karczmy Piwne’ (or loosely translated, the ‘Brewer’s Lodge’). The Karczmy Piwne gathers all those associated with mining, from pensioners to university professors, in the tavern of choice.

DEZEGA joins to all congratulations on professional holiday – Miner's Day! Being a miner is a difficult and dangerous profession, but at the same time, it associates with courage, strength and bravery. We wish all miners good health, family well-being and, of course, safe mining. May your descents and ascents be easy, working conditions – well-deserved, recognition and respect – from everyone!

We are honored to be a partner and help to ensure the safety of underground workers in many of the Polish coal mines. DEZEGA escape and rescue equipment will keep you safe in any emergency. We’ll do everything to provide you with oxygen when required.

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