Self-rescuer DEZEGA ROXY 30 is certified in South Africa

ROXY certification

South Africa is one of the largest producers, miners and exporters of coal in the world. Thus, South Africa ranks seventh in reserves, sixth in production and fourth in coal exports in the world market. In addition, South Africa ranks first in reserves of gold and platinum group metals, as well as fifth in diamond production. That is why one of the four DEZEGA offices is located in this country with representatives by the exclusive dealer Schauenburg Systems. With the promotion of this company we provide professional support and service throughout the service life of the product at the highest level. This cooperation allows us to “feel” the market and the needs of customers, adapt the company’s products in accordance with the requirements put forward. Our representatives in this region regularly meet with consumers and are well aware of the requirements of mining enterprises for labor safety and products that ensure it.

We are glad to announce that in May 2021 the ROXY 30 self-contained self-rescuer was successfully certified in South Africa for compliance with SANS 1737:2017.

The process of creating a new product and its launching for sales takes a long period of time, which consists of many processes and stages: a series of studies, developments, mining trial tests, laboratory and certification tests, conformity assessment and launching into production. Only after successfully passing all of the procedures, the device may be deployed by the end user.

ROXY 30 is designed for the South African market taking into consideration the harsh working conditions in gold, diamond and coal mines. The first prototype of the device was represented in October 2017 at the 31st International Occupational Health and Safety Exhibition A+A 2017, which took place in Dusseldorf, Germany.

DEZEGA specialists have already completed all preliminary mine tests as well as certification laboratory tests. Moreover, in a sort, while a series of mine tests will start with the clients who are interested in this device. During the tests, end users of ROXY 30 will be able to estimate its small dimensions, since ROXY 30 is the most compact on the market among the devices of its class and an ergonomic self-contained self-rescuer, which massively simplifies the daily handling and carrying of the device. Based on our experience with the ROXY 40, we have developed a small and easy-to-wear ROXY 30 self-rescuer with a 30-minute rated duration time especially for the South African market, which is also ideal for female miners.

Production and launching on the market for sales are just around the corner, thus DEZEGA is ready to accept orders for ROXY 30 for the 1st part of 2022.

“The most important in our segment is the compliance of the product with the needs of our users and at the same time, certification in accordance with the requirements of local legislation of a particular market and country. We have changed our approach: first, we satisfy customers’ requests, and then we adapt products to the requirements of the standards. The South African standard is quite complicated and in a number of parameters is even stricter than the requirements adopted in the European Union. The South African standard is extremely tough in terms of mechanical stability. European – on the contrary: the emphasis is on respiratory characteristics. Using the developments of our R&D center, we adapt our products to the needs of individual markets. While elaborating our products for a specific market or even a customer, we take into account various factors: specific norms and standards of individual countries, physiological characteristics of the end users of the device, safety rules at the production site, which, in turn, affects the functionality and structural elements, the appearance of the product. Our R&D center and design engineers have done a tremendous job. We have carried a lot of preliminary laboratory and mine tests, which allowed us to create a self-rescuer that meets the needs of customers, as well as all regulatory requirements, and at the same time is suitable for extremely difficult operating conditions in the South African market”,- noted Yuriy Spivak, Business Development Director of DEZEGA.

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