SCSR DEZEGA CARBO 60 has been successfully certified in Europe

CARBO 60 certification

It takes quite a long time from creation to certification of new respiratory personal protective equipment. Work on the device started several years ago at the DEZEGA Research and Development Center, and in 2019, we began testing the original prototype. The new self-rescuer was developed using modern design and production technologies, taking into account many years of experience in operating DEZEGA’s own devices, as well as the feedback and wishes of our customers. Self-rescuer CARBO 60 produced by DEZEGA has no analogues in the RPE market.

CARBO 60 is a breakthrough in the breathing apparatus industry over the past decades. DEZEGA implemented a new approach to this development. The designing of the self-rescuer was carried out in cooperation with end users, taking into consideration their suggestions, wishes and feedback. Legislations compliance was obviously taken into account, but the first priority was meeting the wishes and advice of consumers. As a result, DEZEGA has combined the wishes of the clients and the legal requirements to obtain the best self-rescuer on the market. It’s very important that the self-rescuer doesn’t interrupt the miner to work, as well as be comfortable and ergonomic for daily carrying, adapted to the user’s working conditions. In addition, of course, it should have maximum protective properties and provide the user with breathing gas, if necessary, throughout the whole service life in difficult operating conditions. The self-rescuer CARBO 60 is designed for the user as a first priority and only after to suit standards’ requirements.

CARBO 60 is a new generation of ergonomic self-rescuers that can be worn on a shoulder belt, a waist belt or in a pouch. It is the lightest and the most compact waist-worn SCSR with a long duration time, which provides the miner with oxygen for at least 60 minutes under conditions of active evacuation. Moreover, it provides the maximum comfort level and reliability both while daily wear and after donning. Dimensions, the shape of CARBO 60 and its design is designed in such a way that the gravity center is in the center of the apparatus and is as close as possible to the user. Consequently, the self-rescuer is reliably placed on the user and does not cause discomfort when moving and performing work. CARBO 60 has a concave casing to provide a wider surface of contact with the user’s body to distribute the load on the lower back.

A lot of attention has been paid to the donning procedure with ergonomics after donning. CARBO 60 is the only apparatus on the market with a fully automatic starter that activates immediately after the lock lever is open. The donning procedure excludes a possible fall of the apparatus to the ground. The position of the apparatus on the user’s chest after donning provides maximum visibility, convenience when crawling or in narrow underground mining pits, as well as free movements of the head due to the design of the breathing tube.

CARBO 60 has a number of advantages:

  1. Ergonomics in daily wear
  • wide area of contact to the user
  • equal distribution of weight
  • comfortable waist belt
  1. Comfortable breathing
  • reduced breathing resistance during inhalation
  • reduced temperature of inhaled gas
  1. Ergonomics after donning
  • breathing bag location allows the best visibility, with the high position to avoid damage
  • quick release buckle for change over
  • protective goggles convenient and safe location, excluding its loss or deformation
  • protection from high temperature
  1. The automatic starter that activates immediately after the lock lever is open
  2. The patented stowing method keeps the breathing system from damage or sticking
  3. The ability to carry out small services on your own in the mine without contacting the service center (replacement of fixators, bumpers)
  4. A special place for marking the personal mine number

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