Sales in Europe in the beginning of 2019


In the beginning of 2019 DEZEGA has already taken two orders for Сi-30KS self-rescuers from Spanish dealer. The company will supply its SCSRs to Transportes Peal SA client to Spain. This customer’s main activity is coal mining, traditional for DEZEGA industry.

In Scandinavia, thanks to the active work of dealer Erik Welle-Strand, the company has a growing number of orders from Norwegian customers. The dealer placed another order for a batch of self-rescuers and bracket holders for his warehouse so that he can provide clients with DEZEGA products.

There are different customers on specific Norwegian market who need respiratory protective equipment: both the traditional DEZEGA customers from mining and tunneling companies and the "new energy" sector, where DEZEGA is only beginning to grow.

“In 2016 was the very first time we appeared on the Scandinavian market, supplying our products to Norwegian tunnel construction companies and today our self-rescuers are popular among local miners and workers in tunnels. Now we have a goal to develop SCSRs segment for confined spaces. And we work in this direction with the dealer.”, - noted the DEZEGA business development manager at the Scandinavian market Volodymyr Mandrovskyi.

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