Launch of free webinars for DEZEGA users

free webinars

Every year, since 2019 DEZEGA has been conducting a survey among the users of its products – Customer Satisfaction Analysis (CSA).  The purpose of this survey is to interview customers on the five basic values of DEZEGA: products (product/quality), price, quality of service within the order processing, warranty/post-warranty service, brand (loyalty to the company and the brand in the general).

It is noticeable that every year more and more clients participate in the survey. Thus, according to the preliminary data (since the analysis hasn’t been completed), more than 75% of respondents completed the questionnaire and gave feedback.

This survey provides DEZEGA with not only an understanding of the relevance of the brand but also feedback with customers’ wishes regarding products, services and much more. The client is the first priority for us, that’s why we develop products and services that fully meet the expectations of the users. We try to involve as many of our customers as possible inside the products’ development process and testing of our solutions and ideas. The participants in the survey get the opportunity to delegate one of the company representatives to participate in one of the DEZEGA free of charge training webinars.

The program provides for a series of free training webinars, which will cover the information about the products of trademark DEZEGA, which are developed and presented on a specific market and in a particular country. A separate training program has been developed for each of the training depended on participators. Therefore, in a few days, online training for clients from Ukraine will take place. Specialists from the DEZEGA technical marketing department will conduct the webinars. We will tell you more about the training in the following publications.

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