Innovations from DEZEGA: a long-expected technical conference was held in Kryvyi Rih

Innovations from DEZEGA

On September 11, 2020, a long-expected event took place in Kryvyi Rih – "Technical conference on innovations from DEZEGA in occupational and industrial safety in the field of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and underground communications”. Two companies organized the conference: DEZEGA – one of the world's largest designers and manufacturers of mine rescue equipment and INPRO – one of TM DEZEGA products dealers in Ukraine, which has its own service center for mine rescue equipment.

The heads of gas rescue services, directors for occupational and industrial safety and technical directors of the leading mining companies, the representatives of the State Militarized Mine-Rescue Squad of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations and the State Service of Ukraine for Labor and others, attended the event.

The conference was divided into theoretical and interactive parts. The event began with a welcoming speech and presentations of innovative RPE products from DEZEGA representatives – Serhii Romanenko (Business Development Manager in Ukraine), Dmytro Vakhnitskyi (Head of Technical Marketing Department), Igor Stepanchuk (Leading Engineer of Technical Marketing Department), and presentation on integrated solutions for service maintenance equipment from Dmytro Fedko (Director of INPRO company). During the interactive part, or so-called networking, everyone had the opportunity to get acquainted with the new products and to test personally DEZEGA products on the basis of the service center.

DEZEGA company constantly improves, modernizes and expands its product line: it monitors the latest trends and put into practice the advances made of many scientific fields: physics, chemistry, thermodynamics, electronics, and materials science. We use all scientific achievements and the most advanced technologies of the 21st century for our innovative developments and equipment for RPE.

DEZEGA has presented a new generation unique self-contained self-rescuer (SCSR) for the Ukrainian and European markets at the technical conference – CARBO-60. Modern, ergonomic and innovative solutions are implemented in the SCSR that provide the miner with oxygen for 60 minutes during active escape. It has an automatic starter that activates during lid removal. The company demonstrated the well-known Ci-30 KS SCSR.  It has successfully proved itself not only in Ukraine , but also in other countries. The apparatus is certified in accordance with Ukrainian, European, Australian and Indian standards. A number of training equipment – TRAINER and TRAINER C – to reproduce and practice the donning procedure into the SCSR, train and hone the breathing in it. A legend among compressed oxygen self-contained breathing apparatuses – DEZEGA P-30 EX. Compared to competitors’ devices and low-quality copies, P-30 EX SCBA has high reliability, the smallest dimensions and weight and low operating costs. The apparatus ensures comfortable breathing conditions and it provides a high degree of protection of the user’s respiratory system and the vision. In addition, the company presented a line of auxiliary equipment: breathing equipment test set DEZEGA CheckUP, full-face mask D-VISION, CO2 absorbent D-SORB, antifog CLEAR-VISION, wireless ratio SubWave.

DEZEGA also presented a simple and affordable solution for the protection breathing and visual organs – emergency escape breathing device DEZEGA EmSCAPE. It is used during the fire in order to escape from buildings, hospitals, educational institutions, dormitory accommodations, hotels etc.

 “Design new equipment and expansion services, introduction modern technologies – all is done with the only aim – to increase the level of safety. We apply advanced technologies in production; actively participate in the RPE standards and regulations development at the international level. DEZEGA constantly develops, modernizing the existing devices and expanding the product range in general. Feedback from the users of DEZEGA products is very important for us, because we meet their needs and wishes. The devices should be as suitable as possible for the work of the end users”, – emphasized Serhii Skorobahatko, Acting Chief Marketing Officer, DEZEGA.

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