Important information for customers and users of DEZEGA products


Dear customers and users of DEZEGA products!

DEZEGA employees are one of the main values of our company. We care about the safety of our employees and their families in such a difficult time for Ukraine.

DEZEGA highly appreciates customers, clients, users of our products, because the lives of employees during emergencies around the world depend on RPE produced by DEZEGA.

We announce that:

- production in Turkey operates in a normal mode;

- the company continues to produce RPE at our Turkish plant DEZEGA SP in Izmir;

- employees of the Head Quarter and the Research and Development Center work safely and effectively in the remote mode;

- all suppliers of raw materials fulfil their obligations on schedule;

- currently, the risks of supply chains breakdowns  of raw materials and final products are minimized;

- the company has sufficient buffer stocks in case of unexpected circumstances and changes of the situation such as problems with the supply of raw materials;

- DEZEGA guarantees the fulfilment of all contracts obligations.

DEZEGA will highly appreciate its customers for placing additional orders. This will help not only to support our company and ensure the work of our employees but also to replenish the budget of Ukraine, by payment of taxes, investments and support of Ukraine in the general.

We are sincerely grateful to our long-term and reliable partner and friend from Norway, who represents the DEZEGA products in Scandinavia – Erik Welle-Strand for placing an additional order for a two-year volume and for helping to unload and load several tons of apparatus to the final warehouse!

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