Happy St. Barbara’s Day and Miner’s Day!

Barborka 2022

DEZEGA congratulates all Polish miners on St. Barbara's Day and Miner's Day!

Barbórka and Miner's Day are celebrated annually on December the 4th in Poland. It is a holiday for miners, geologists, stonemasons, gas industry workers, and other underground workers. Miner’s Day is celebrated on St. Barbara’s Day and not for nothing because she was considered the patroness of a merciful death and hard work at all times. Celebrations used to be grandiose, but today they are more modest. They begin with the morning Holy Mass and then continue with the procession of mining bands.

Dear miners!

Our congratulations to everyone involved on Miner's Day and on St. Barbara's Day! Your courage, bravery, and fortitude are admirable. When you daily go to work, you are doing a considerable feat, because every descent is associated with a massive risk to health and life. Despite this, you persistently overcome all struggles and devote many years of your life to your profession, spending them underground.

Despite all the difficulties and dangers, we wish your difficult path always be successful. Let fate protect you from defeats and troubles, and life be bright, generous, and filled with the warmth and care of loved ones. Thank you for your noble work.


The DEZEGA team

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