Happy Rescuer Day!

happy rescuer day

Every year, since 2008, on September 17, Ukraine celebrates Rescuer Day – a professional holiday for those who operate emergency rescuer operations and contribute to the protection of the population and territories from the consequences of natural and industry-related emergency situations.

The date of the celebration is not accidental; this is because on this day of all others – September 17 – when the Orthodox Church celebrates the feast of the Icon of the Mother of God, called the “Burning Bush”. This icon is considered a mascot for firefighters and rescuers, people who help those who get in trouble.

Dear colleagues!

DEZEGA sincerely congratulates you on the Day of Rescuer!

We wish you successful operations and gratitude from the saved, accident-free hours of work and good health.

Return safe and sound after each call, because your family and friends are waiting for you at home!

Cohesion, teamwork, good technical back up and fair labor compensation!


With warmest regards,



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