Happy Miner's Day!

Miners day 2022

Miner's Day is usually celebrated on the last Sunday of August. The mining industry has always been and remains one of the most important components of the industrial and fuel-energy industry of Ukraine. Thanks to the mining industry, stable and consistent operation of metallurgy, agriculture, and the chemical industry are possible as well as providing the population with the necessary fuel capacity which is vital nowadays.

A miner is a profession that is worthy of the most respect, because workers of this industry spend most of their time underground, risking their health and sometimes their lives for our sake. Your work is honorable and in high demand at all times.

Dear Miners!

Please accept our heartfelt congratulations on Miner's Day and wishes for good health to you and your families, incident-free operation, inexhaustible optimism, vital energy and new labor achievements. May luck always go with you not only at work but also in life.  In addition, we, in turn, will do our best to provide you with high quality and reliable respiratory protection equipment.

Sincere gratitude to you for your brave work, rugged miner's operation, persistency and fortitude!



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