Happy Defender's Day of Ukraine

defenders day 2022

On Friday, the 14th of October, Ukraine celebrates the Defender’s Day of Ukraine. The date of the Christian holiday of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks was a non-random choice. The Blessed Virgin has always been considered the patroness of the Ukrainian Cossacks and all Ukrainian armed forces. The holiday roots back to October 14th, 2014, after the illegal russian occupation of Crimea and the start of the military operation in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Fighting for the Motherland, the Ukrainian military showed unprecedented courage, fortitude and will to victory, and by creating such a holiday, we have the opportunity to honor the heroism of the defenders of the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Dear defenders of Ukraine!

Today, you are a symbol of unprecedented courage and bravery as you fight for freedom and independence. You are an example to follow and the pride of the entire Ukrainian people!

We bow down to you and wish you and your loved ones good health, cheerfulness of spirit, family harmony, peaceful skies, well-being and welfare. Let the glory of the victories love and devotion to your Ukraine light up your life!

Glory to Ukraine!

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