Happy Birthday, DEZEGA SP!

3rd  anniversary

Dear Colleagues!

Congratulations to all of us on the 3rd anniversary of DEZEGA SP successful operation, our plant in Turkey. As a caring parent raises his child, so we built, organized, launched, and then expanded the production capacity and modernized the product line at our brainchild – Turkish plant.

We have sold almost 200,000 SCBAs and SCSRs over the past three years. We have launched the production of our R&D Center new developments, in particular: a line of CARBO self-contained self-rescuers, full-face mask DEZEGA D-VISION, breathing equipment test set DEZEGA CheckUp, civilian emergency escape breathing device DEZEGA EmSCAPE.  In addition, we are going to put into production the self-contained breathing apparatus of the 5th generation – P-70, wireless radio SubWave and ROXY 30 SCSR. DEZEGA SP has passed many audits and received a certificate of compliance with ISO 9001.

We were able to realize all plans due to the joint efforts of each of us. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of work and heights to be conquered. The basis of a successful company is people and their attitude to work. After all, only the dedicated employees can achieve goals, develop the company and enjoy it. I am glad that we managed to create just such a team of like-minded people and professionals. We are developing the DEZEGA SP plant, which everyone can be proud of!

3 years is just the beginning of our journey. I wish all of us dynamic and rapid development, sales of our products to new markets and continents!


Happy 3rd anniversary, DEZEGA SP!



Kind regards,

Chairman of the board of directors                                                      Anton Sakovych

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