The evolution of DEZEGA self-contained self-rescuers

Evolution of SCSR

A self-contained self-rescuer is an individual device used to protect respiratory organs, which is used in confined spaces during emergencies, which are accompanied by the formation of an irrespirable atmosphere. This device will save lives when other means of accident prevention do not help. Miners and workers of tunnels and other enterprises to provide vital oxygen and save the lives of employees usually use self-contained self-rescuers (SCSR).

DEZEGA is one of the world’s largest developers and manufacturers of mine-rescue equipment, including SCSRs. The company dates back to 1966, when the Donetsk Mine Rescue Equipment Plant, DZGA, was established. Since then, more than 7 million self-rescuers have been manufactured to protect the respiratory organs of workers in mines, tunnels, and confined spaces all over the world.

For more than 50 years of existence, the company has gone through a long path of transformation, while managing to preserve age-old traditions on the one hand and on the other hand, to imprint a desire for innovation in daily work. As a result, in 1974, an SCSR SHRS-2 with a rated duration of 2 hours and a weight of 5.3 kg was presented. In addition, in 1983, the self-rescuer SSS-1U was deployed, which was constantly improved and was on the market until 2019. This SCSR had a rated duration of 50 min and weight up to 3.1 kg. This self-rescuer is still in use in some mines.

In 2012, the company set a goal to create a self-rescuer that would meet the needs and requirements of the European market. Taking into account the desired goal, a new 1PV KS self-rescuer was developed, quickly taking its place in many European and even global markets. This self-rescuer was unique because it was made in a plastic case, with a rated duration of 50 minutes and a weight of up to 3.1 kg. The company spent considerable resources and researched the issue of customer satisfaction with this product. As a result of fruitful work on improvement, a new self-rescuer 1PVM KS was released in 2016 with a 60 min. rated duration time and has the same weight as the previous SCSR. Consequently, the 1PVM KS self-rescuer has a 20% longer rated duration time, having the same weight and overall dimensions. Users met this self-rescuer very positively and willingly used it in almost all markets.

Despite the success of 1PVM KS, the company continuously kept on working towards new developments and improvements to its products, because, over time, technology does not stand still. In addition, legislation requirements are changing; new standards and regulations are being released. At the same time, the expectations and wishes of our users, to which we always give an ear, are becoming pickier.

Based on all requirements above, it was necessary to create something special and fundamentally new in its class this is how the innovative CARBO 60 self-rescuer was designed and released. The main feature of the SCSR CARBO 60 is the deep dedication of users to development because starting with the design, we listened closely to their wishes and suggestions in order to get a product that meets all expectations as much as possible. With all the unique and innovative characteristics of the self-rescuer, the company managed to form an optimal pricing policy and comply with all legal norms. The result has fully met all expectations and in 2021, the most compact and lightest belt-worn self-rescuer CARBO 60 with a rated duration of 60 min. was presented. The self-rescuer has unique ergonomic properties during both daily uses and when it is donned and used as intended. It should also be noted that CARBO 60 is an ecological product because almost all materials can be used for waste recycling.

“The CARBO 60 self-rescuer became an important centerpiece for the release of a number of other innovative products. Some of them are at the culminating stage of development, and some are already at the stage of production, and we are sure that all these products will be a worthy example of imitating their parental units, released in the 70th. All these developments will undoubtedly have a great market success in the future, because we, first of all, take into account the requirements and wishes of our users”, noted Anton Sakovych, the Chairman of the Board of DEZEGA.

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