DEZEGA works on increasing international safety standards


The international company DEZEGA is actively developing, continuously working on its product range expansion. The design of new equipment and services, the implementation of modern technologies – all is done in order to raise the international safety level. The underground workers, mine rescuers, as well as workers in other industries use DEZEGA products in tough conditions.


Our Company takes into account the needs, wishes and feedbacks of customers. We constantly modernize and improve our devices in such a way that the products are most suitable & comfortable for the working conditions of the end consumers. Our mission and the only goal is to help users in the most difficult and extreme situations.


It is worth to remember: improving worker safety is a complex issue that requires a systematic approach. That is why we are actively involved in standard-setting. For many years, our specialists have been a part of committees for the RPE standards and regulations development. We have come a long way in joining national and international technical committees: from an observer without the right to vote to a full-fledged member with the right to submit proposals and vote.


Nowadays, DEZEGA representatives develop standards and are active participants in the following national and international committees in:

1) Ukraine (DSTU),

2) Europe (EN),

3) Russian Federation (GOST),

4) International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

They also participate in the technical regulations development in the Russian Federation (EAEU TR) and Australia (MDG).


Attention to details is the success of our business. We have no right to make a mistake, because behind every DEZEGA product there is a human life, and it is priceless. We are proud to be engaged in a good deed – we are raising international safety standards in the name of saving lives!

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