DEZEGA ties up a contract with the Polish coal giant

1 PVM KS shoulder belt worn self-rescuer

DEZEGA is going to supply 23 thousand self-rescuers and several hundred training units within the next three years. All products will come from the new DEZEGA plant in Izmir, Turkey. Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa will equip all their mines with 60-minute shoulder belt worn self-rescuers, and will train the miners to don them, breathe and escape from the IDLH environment with 1T2 training units.

The tests reinforced the JSW’s previous decision: 7 miners walked in DEZEGA self-rescuers for over 3 km of an escape route, accompanied by mine rescuers of the National Firefighting and Rescue System. The rescuers insured the miners and monitored some parameters of the self-rescuers operation, including the temperature of the case, which they tracked with thermal cameras.

The results of the tests are pleasing as always: the self-rescuers endured over 60 minutes of active escape; the breathing conditions, temperature and humidity, were quite satisfying. Besides, the JSW personnel noted the low weight of the self-rescuers compared to their previous units by our Polish competitor.

More details about the tests:,335925_1_0_0.html

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