DEZEGA supports the initiatives of GPR Jastrzębie – Ratownictwo Podziemne for the sake of saving people


In late October, the international designer and manufacturer of rescue equipment DEZEGA provided several 1PVM KS self-contained self-rescuers to Polish GPR Jastrzębie Ratownictwo Podziemne. This is a community organization, which specialized in training dogs for underground rescue operations during mine accidents. The company also provides free assistance to the families of missing persons; cooperates with the state authorities – police and prosecutor's offices, assists in the search and rescue of people in forests, empty buildings, and mountainous region.

GPR Jastrzębie – Ratownictwo Podziemne is the only organization in Poland that trains dogs for such kind of rescue works. They are often involved in rescue operations in Lower Silesian Voivodeship mines (Walbrzych, Polkowice, Legnica) and beyond. It was their dogs together with a rescuer, who found the bodies of 5 miners at the Zofiówka mine in Jastrzębie-Zdrój, where a strong explosion took place on May 5, 2018 (4.0 on the Richter scale). Also the trained dogs picked up the trail and helped to find a 44-year-old woman from Gliwice in December 2018.  These are not individual cases, there are many such stories when people received help thanks to rescuers and dogs from the GPR Jastrzębie – Ratownictwo Podziemne organization.

Saving the lives of others, you have also to take care about the equipment of your people and animals. DEZEGA supports the initiative and activities of the GPR Jastrzębie – Ratownictwo Podziemne, because we use the same credo in our everyday work: “Human life is priceless”. Therefore, our company provided to the community organization a few 60-minute self-rescuers DEZEGA 1PVM KS, which have European certificate. This RPE has many years of successful experience in supplying and operating in Polish mining enterprises. 1PVM KS self-rescue is a reliable and easy-to-use device. It takes minimum time to don in it during the emergency. Employees of DEZEGA Polska, our representative office in Poland, have already donated the rescue equipment.

We are happy to support the activities of GPR Jastrzębie Ratownictwo Podziemne. They do important work and make a significant contribution to search and rescue works, not only in the mining industry, but also in everywhere. We understand the full responsibility and importance of their work. We hope that the rescuers from GPR Jastrzębie Ratownictwo Podziemne will not have situations when they are forced to use our products. At the same time we are confident that now their rescuers are provided with reliable personal protective equipment for respiratory organs in case of the emergency,

– noted Robert Wloh, service manager, DEZEGA Polska.

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