DEZEGA started supplying its products to a barite mine in Germany

barite mine

DEZEGA began supplying equipment of its production to the heart of the Black Forest – the Sachtleben Bergbau GmbH & Co. KG barite mine. It is noteworthy that for more than 110 years they are extracting Barite from their underground mine in the heart of the Black Forest. Since approximately 30 years, Fluorite is mined in addition. These minerals are widely used in various industries nowadays.


Thus, the underground workers at Sachtleben Bergbau GmbH & Co. KG will use DEZEGA 1PVM KS self-contained self-rescuer of 60-minutes duration, which has European certificate and extensive operating experience around the world. 1PVM KS self-rescue is a reliable and easy-to-use device. It takes minimum time to don in it in during the emergency. The company will also supply training self-rescuers TRAINER and infrastructure for operating and testing the self-rescuers. With the help of training self-rescuers, the underground workers could train to don the equipment quickly and in a proper way, and to prepare them to the peculiarities of breathing conditions close to reality in case of emergency. DEZEGA leak testing device (PGS) is used to regularly test shoulder-belt self-contained self-rescuers for leak tightness. It is one of the most important conditions for the equipment, using chemically bound oxygen.

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