DEZEGA SP Intern Program: the plant concluded official agreements with 181 universities

dezega sp intern

2020 became the year of testing the strength of medicine, economics of different countries and companies. All of us suddenly plunged into a new reality, and only those develop, who have adapted to unforeseen circumstances. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students from many countries did not have the opportunity to undergo the Intern Program as it was before. Our Turkish plant DEZEGA SP gives young people the chance to gain invaluable practical experience and to prove themselves, their abilities.

DEZEGA SP has launched Intern Program for Turkish students. The initiator of the program is Burak Yaka, Chief Engineer of the plant, with the support of Alexey Chernov, General Manager  of DEZEGA SP. Everything has started with a LinkedIn post. After we concluded the official agreements for internship with 181 universities in Turkey on a special website. The government gives support to the universities for students' internship insurance payments. In addition, each of the interns is going to receive a certificate from DEZEGA SP on the successful completion of the internship and confirmation of their qualifications.

We have started the Intern Program on December 7. Burak Yaka has developed and prepared this program. He also conducted a plant tour. The GM of DEZEGA SP welcomed students with an inspiring speech. Alexey Chernov emphasized that we have a lot to learn from each other: students can gain new knowledge and acquire new skills, and in our turn, we are open to their innovative views and ideas. In addition, we truly cherish the connection between generations.

The students were acquainted with the production of the plant – they reviewed and tested different types of the apparatuses, as well as they watched videos. We showed them modern production equipment and facilities, acquainted with the history of the company and told our plans and prospective for the future.

Attracting young professionals and new personnel is a very important aspect of the company's further development. The search for talents begins at universities, among students and alumni. You can raise the next generation of technicians on your own. It is true what they say: the youth is curious and intelligent. Young specialists ask many questions, and then they find out the answers by themselves, without prompting. They often see how to solve the problem or find out the solution from another point of view, non-standard. This is how new inventions, technologies, products are born. DEZEGA SP is a modern plant with high-tech equipment and impressive capacities. We have a competent team of practitioners, we can share our experience and knowledge to young specialists, open the world of technology to them. Dear friends, welcome to the Internship Program at DEZEGA SP,

– said Anton Sakovych, Chairman of the board of directors, DEZEGA.

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