DEZEGA SP has conducted a training in the use of self-rescuers

SP training

In April, DEZEGA specialists conducted training for one of our Turkish clients. Mesut Han, Business Development Manager in Turkey, led the training. During the training, they improved skills of donning and breathing in the training self-rescuer TRAINER C. It is crucial for the user to be able to don in the RPE quickly within 15 seconds in the case of an emergency. With the help of the training apparatus, the user can practice the donning procedure until it becomes automatic and train breathing skills, which is vital in case of emergency.  Experienced and trained user dons the self-rescuer within 7 seconds.

There was also exposed a 30-minutes waist-belt worn self-rescuer Ci-30 KS and a DEZEGA leak testing device. The Ci-30 KS has a simple and quick donning procedure and an oversized real working duration that provides the user with the necessary volume of oxygen for evacuation. This self-rescuer and its modifications are successfully deployed all over the world for more than 10 years, and this fact confirms the high quality of this apparatus.

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