The DEZEGA self-contained self-rescuer CARBO 60 received the SANS 53794:2007 Letter of Authority

The DEZEGA self-contained self-rescuer CARBO 60 received the SANS 53794:2007 Letter of  Authority

We are happy to announce that in April 2022, DEZEGA received confirmation of compliance with the South African standard SANS 53794:2007 of the CARBO 60 self-contained self-rescuer. This gives an opportunity to use the CARBO 60 SCSR as an auxiliary device of respiratory protection for change-over points, collective protection chambers and rescue teams in the Republic of South Africa and other countries accept this standard.

CARBO 60 is a breakthrough in the field of self-contained self-rescuers.   DEZEGA has applied a new approach to this development. The design of the SCSR was carried out in cooperation with end-users, taking into account their suggestions, wishes and feedback. Sure thing the compliance with regulatory requirements was taken into account but the priority was to meet the wishes and needs of consumers. DEZEGA managed to combine the requests of the consumers and normative requirements and as a result create the best self-rescuer on the market.

CARBO 60 is a new generation ergonomic device that is suitable for both shoulder and belt wearing, as well as for carrying in a pouch. This is a light and compact device that provides the miner with oxygen for at least 60 minutes during active evacuation.

CARBO 60 has a number of advantages:

  1. Ergonomics during everyday carrying:
  • a large area of contact with the user;
  • balanced weight distribution;
  • the ergonomic shape of the case;
  • a comfortable shoulder belt.
  1. Comfortable breathing:
  • low breathing resistance;
  • low temperature of the inhaled gas.
  1. Ergonomics after donning:
  • lower placement of the breathing bag for the best visibility, but with a high positioning to prevent damage;
  • quick-release buckle for change-over;
  • the location of goggles in a convenient and reliable place, eliminating their loss or deformation;
  • protection against casing high temperature;
  • convenient shape of the breathing tube for the maximum freedom of head movement.
  1. An automatic starter that activates right after the lid is removed.
  2. The patented stowing method protects the breathing system from damage and deformation.
  3. Possibility to perform minor repairs of the casing parts directly at the mine (belt loops and bumpers replacement).
  4. A special place for a mine number.

“Compliance of the product with the users’ needs and certification in accordance with the market local requirements are the most important issue in our industry. We have changed the approach in the company’s activities: first, we take into consideration the requirements of our customers, and only after, we adapt technical solutions to the requirements of standards. We are proud to have developed a self-rescuer that meets customers’ requirements, as well as all normative requirements, and at the same time, that is suitable for use in the South African market. It’s worth noting that CARBO 60 has already been used by many of our customers and we have received many good references regarding the compliance of the self-rescuer with the expectations and requirements of end users”, - noted Yuriy Spivak, the business development director of DEZEGA.

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