DEZEGA products were presented at Electra Mining Africa 2022

Electra mining

The 24th International Exhibition of Equipment for the Mining Industry and Energy “Electra Mining Africa 2022” took place from September 5th to 9th, 2022. It is the second largest trade show in the world with a 44-year history.  This event attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over the world to its exhibition platform. The event is held once every two years at the South African National Expo Centre in Johannesburg.

Due to the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, DEZEGA representatives, unfortunately, could not attend the event this year. However, we are deeply grateful to our reliable, loyal and long-term partners, the companies “Schauenburg Systems” and “MineARC Systems” for the opportunity to exhibit DEZEGA products at such an important exhibition for the entire African continent.

Proven by years of deployment, the ROXY 40 belt-worn self-contained self-rescuer was presented at partners' stands. This SCSR was specially developed for the South African market, taking into account the difficult operating conditions in gold, platinum, coal and other mines. ROXY 40 has the longest nominal rated duration time on the market – 40 minutes, which is 25-30% longer than competitors have. The protective properties of ROXY 40 are proved by annual independent tests by CSIR and positive feedback from end users.

As part of the ROXY 40 ecosystem, there was also a novelty at the stand - the ROXY 40T training self-rescuer, which allows the user to do a full range of training for miners. Training self-rescuers ROXY 40T help to learn the design of self-contained self-rescuers, the donning procedure and acquire breathing skills in conditions as close as possible to real ones. Disposable kits allow the user to feel breathing resistance, a gradual temperature increase of the breathing gas and the casing of the self-rescuer, as well as an increase in oxygen concentration. In order to minimize panic during a real emergency, each user should regularly practice breathing skills in a self-contained self-rescuer so that it becomes automatic. The procedure of replacing disposable kits is simple and quick, which allows one to carry out the training process efficiently and economically without the need to disinfect parts of the self-rescuer, which is especially important in the current epidemiological situation.

In addition to the above-mentioned products, the 5th generation of breathing apparatus P-70 was introduced to the South African market for the first time and deserves special attention. The DEZEGA P-70 self-contained compressed oxygen breathing apparatus is unique because during its development we were guided primarily by the wishes and recommendations of end users. We chose the path of close interaction with users and as a result, we managed to create an ergonomic, easy-to-assemble, equip and set-up device combined with light weight, compact dimensions and low total cost of ownership. The P-70 breathing apparatus has already successfully proven itself by many tests around the world, and our customers have already confirmed the declared technical characteristics and protective properties many times.

“We have been cooperating with clients in the South African market for many years, this market is very important and one of the key markets for us. The extremely difficult underground working conditions in this region require a special approach to the development of respiratory equipment, so here we show flexibility and adapt products to the special needs and requirements of customers and conditions of use. A clear example of this is our successful step-by-step modernization of the self-contained self-rescuer ROXY 40 according to the comments and wishes of users. Moreover, the P-70 breathing apparatus was designed in close cooperation with users, because it is important for us to hear everyone and take into account their wishes so that in the end we get the perfect solution for user protection in combination with maximum comfort and safety. We express our sincere thanks to our reliable partners “Schauenburg Systems” and “MineARC Systems” for the opportunity to demonstrate our best solutions at such a large-scale event. We hope that next time we will be able to join our partners and be present at Electra Mining personally and present our new high-tech products," noted Yuriy Spivak,  the business development director at DEZEGA.


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