DEZEGA is a participant and partner of IMRB 2019 in Colombia


The IX International Mine Rescue Conference has started in Bogota, Colombia. The conference is hosted by the National Mining Agency (Agencia Nacional de Minería – ANM) of the Colombian Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy and the International Mine Rescue Body. DEZEGA participates in the academic agenda of the conference and sponsors the event.

Several years ago, Colombian government implemented a major reform in the field of mining safety and obligated the miners to use self-contained self-rescuers underground. DEZEGA took active part in the discussion of the main points of the legislation: the company’s huge experience in dozens of markets helps to evaluate the benefits and risks of different approaches.

Now DEZEGA is the leading supplier of self-rescuers to Colombia. Colombian mining companies are growing more aware about the necessity of training donning and breathing, and demonstrate increasing interest to DEZEGA training self-rescuers and disposable breathing kits.

During the conference, DEZEGA will tell about the innovations in underground communication, present the new production compressed oxygen SCBA P-70, the prototype of which was first introduced at IMRB 2017, and other novelty products.

Several days of the conference are ahead, and we at DEZEGA are convinced, that the information will be interesting and useful!

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