DEZEGA P-70 has been successfully tested in India

P-70 testing

In early June 2022, the closed-circuit compressed oxygen self-contained breathing apparatus DEZEGA P-70 was presented and successfully tested at a number of companies in India. DEZEGA representatives closely monitored the tests: business development manager and chief breathing apparatus designer. Officials of our reliable and long-term partner in India, Intech Safety also joined the tests.

Post-testing, the breathing apparatus once again confirmed all the stated technical characteristics and protective properties. Clients noted the exceptional ergonomics of the device, ease of assembly, charging and adjustment, taking into account the lowest weight and smallest size on the market. Innovative solutions in electronics will expand the capabilities of the device for its intended purpose, and of course, increase the user safety level.

The closed-circuit compressed oxygen self-contained breathing apparatus DEZEGA P-70 was developed in close cooperation with end users. That is why it has many advantages, as the developers have made considerable efforts to ensure that this fifth-generation breathing apparatus fully meets the requirements and wishes of future users and the mine-rescue, mining, firefighting and other industries. The DEZEGA P-70 breathing apparatus harmoniously combines the smallest dimensions and weight, as well as the best breathing conditions among similar RPE presented on the market. A pleasant bonus for future users will be the latest solutions in electronics and ergonomics, both when used, maintained and set up.

“As it has been noted earlier, the involvement of end users in the development, designing and testing process was crucial, so we are proud now to present for our customers the apparatus that meets their requirements. The Indian market has always been and remains one of the key, and rescuers here are demanding and experienced, so successful demonstrations and tests of the device are very important to us. We have a very positive attitude!”, noted Yuriy Spivak, Business Development Director at DEZEGA.

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