DEZEGA opens a new service center

new service center

Dear clients and users of DEZEGA products!

We would like to inform you that recently there has been an increase in cases of TM DEZEGA counterfeit breathing apparatuses (BA) and components, as well as the increase in the number of services in non-accredited and unscrupulous service centers. Such service centers systematically violate the procedure for BA service, repair and revision, and, in addition, install non-original spare parts. In this regard, we decided to open a new service center, based on our South Ural Respiratory Protective Equipment plant (SU RPE).


Self-contained breathing apparatuses are complex devices that are used in rough conditions to save lives. The failure of such products should be reduced to zero. As a result, the breathing apparatuses go through a huge cycle of research, development, experimental and industrial tests, launching into production, laboratory certification tests and type examination. Only after this long procedure, the products are put into operation for users. Such procedure requires huge investments – both time and money, as well as in-depth competence and expertise. Every node, component and material is tested and verified in detail. It is impossible to guarantee compliance with the technical features and protective properties of breathing apparatuses in cases: service of the products with the violation of the rules and procedures developed by the manufacturer; installation of non-original spare parts, which have not passed testing and proper quality control. Unfortunately, all these actions can lead to injury or even death. What the reason of difficult, long and expensive procedure of developing, launching into the production and conformity assessment, when after the deployment, breathing apparatuses  are serviced with violation of the manufacturers’ rules and terms. That is why DEZEGA has opened a new service center, based on our plant SU RPE to guarantee the safety of our users.


The producers of counterfeit products have local certificates of origin, but they do not conduct tests and studies for compatibility and do not receive certificates of conformity from the manufacturing plant. The presence of the certificate of origin does not allow replacing such products with genuine products manufactured by TM DEZEGA and does not allow using such spare parts for repair and / or service.


The compatibility with TM DEZEGA devices is confirmed by a quality certificate issued by DEZEGA SP or SU RPE, or an actual certificate of service center accreditation, which indicates that the latter has passed the appropriate training, knowledge and skills testing, and uses original spare parts.


In addition to improving our devices, in particular breathing apparatuses, we also develop visual training materials, such as posters and videos, user manuals; conduct training for our service specialists and customer service specialists. We take care about the convenience of servicing our equipment: there are DEZEGA service centers in Ukraine, Republic of South Africa, Colombia, Poland and Russian Federation. For example, our service center in Tychy, Poland, is focused not only on the Polish market, but also it is a hub through which DEZEGA provides training and service in all European countries of its presence.


It is our service centers, as well as a number of accredited ones, that own the exclusive rights to conduct the annual revision of P-30, P-34 and P-30EX breathing apparatuses.


DEZEGA can guarantee the operation of breathing apparatuses and their compliance with the technical features and / or requirements, specified in the contractual documents and accompanying documents, only under the following conditions:

  • supply of end products, components and spare parts for them from the official representatives and official dealers of the manufacturer;
  • maintenance and service equipment only in the official DEZEGA service centers or service centers, accredited by the manufacturer;
  • carrying out repairs using DEZEGA original spare parts;
  • testing and setting the device using a breathing equipment test set DEZEGA CheckUp or UKP-5, manufactured by DEZEGA;
  • using DEZEGA chemical soda-lime absorber D-SORB.


The owners of DEZEGA respiratory protective equipment are fully responsible for the operation of the devices and ensuring their nominal parameters to save lives, if for the repair, revision and settings were used the test control devices, assemblies and spare parts of the third-party manufacturers that do not have a certificate of conformity from the manufacture. In addition, the non-accredited service centers serviced the breathing apparatuses.

DEZEGA Company is not responsible for the consequences of the BA use that have been maintained, repaired, set and checked using other test control devices and equipment not specified by the manufacturer.


All enterprises that belong to DEZEGA group have been developing and manufacturing personal respiratory protective equipment for more than few decades. We are actively developing, designing new equipment and services for both underground workers and mine rescuers and workers in other industries. The product range is constantly expanding. DEZEGA takes into account the needs and wishes of our customers. We modernize and improve our products so that the devices are most suitable for the working conditions of the end users. We continue working for the benefit of the mining industry and helping underground workers in case of emergency.

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