DEZEGA at Mining Turkey 2018 in Istanbul: time to sum up

mining turkey

In December 2018 the company took part in the 8th international exhibition Mining Turkey.

The regular Mining Turkey exhibition was held in Istanbul in mid-December 2018. DEZEGA was a newcomer at the event, the company first introduced its own stand with 1PVM KS and Ci-30 KS self-rescuers, P-30 EX breathing apparatus and optional equipment. Our products were also presented at our Turkish dealer - Bey1Grup.

Our stand was popular during all the event, workers of Kyiv and Izmir offices were excited to tell about all the advantages of our apparatuses and the result was that two local mines ordered Ci-30 KS 30 min self-rescuers.

“We presented DEZEGA brand, we found out that we are well-known as a local Turkish manufacturer. It was a productive work and we plan to promote our trade mark more active to ensure safe work of Turkish miners” – noted the Business development director Yuriy Spivak.

Mining Turkey is an international mining, tunneling, machinery equipments and heavy duty vehicles fair. This event joins PPE manufacturers and mining industry representatives from many countries. DEZEGA was glad to have such experience in 2018 and is planning to attend the event in future.

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