DEZEGA held a training for the use of P30-EX

DEZEGA held a training for the use of DEZEGA P30-EX

On the 20-22 of March DEZEGA representatives held a training for technical personnel of Premogovnik Velenje coalmine in Slovenia.

The training topic was “Maintenance, preparation for the operation and annual revision of the breathing apparatus P30-EX”.

Training participants discovered the advantages of the breathing apparatus that was created and modernized in cooperation with mine rescuers from all over the world.

Premogovnik Velenje is the last working coalmine in Slovenia. Now the company uses two types of breathing apparatus – P12 and PVL1, designed in the USSR.

After the training, Premogovnik Velenje engineers said that P30-EX could replace the breathing apparatus that they had been using thus far.

All participants received the certificates for completion of the training.

On the 22-23 of March the test of self-contained self-rescuer Ci-30 KS was performed. The devices, intended for 30 minutes of active escape, significantly outperformed the nominal rated duration.

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