DEZEGA greets the participants of IMRC 2020

IMRC 2020

Since 2009, DEZEGA has been an active participant in IMRB (International Mine Rescue Body) events, both as a sponsor and as an organizer. We have been an official supplier of the equipment for competitions and the training of mine rescue teams. DEZEGA specialists are regular speakers at conferences and judges during competitions.

The event was supposed to take place in 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic prevented it. For this reason, the organizers of the competition, representatives of a dedicated committee of mining and mine safety and health professionals and experts from across the USA, were forced to postpone the event to 2022. On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale unprovoked military invasion of Ukraine, which led to a tragedy that turned the lives of millions of Ukrainians upside down, and our company was no exception. Due to this horrible situation, our employees cannot attend the event this year. It was quite a difficult and hard decision for us to miss such an important event in the mine-rescue industry.

However, we are happy to announce that thanks to our reliable partner in Colombia, the 'Safety Instruments' company, the mine-rescue team from the National mining agency will use DEZEGA Ci-30KS self-contained self-rescuers with a rated duration time of 30 minutes. SCSRs will be involved in competitions in order to provide mine rescuers and victims with additional protection while practicing the skills of eliminating the consequences of underground accidents. National mining agency representatives usually use self-contained self-rescuers DEZEGA Ci-30KS during scheduled visits, exercises, inspections at mines etc.

We are confident that IMRC-2020 will be one of the brightest and most memorable events this year. All teams and participants will improve on practicing the approaches to minimize risks and prevent accidents, acquire new knowledge and share best international practices and strengthen old and gain new friendship relations.

We all remember the DEZEGA NIGHTS we held during IMRB and IMRC events, where participants were able to interact with each other and share knowledge and expertise, combined with fun entertainment and a good time. We will definitely keep this tradition for the next events.

“We miss the IMRB family so much!  Our thoughts are with you these days. Within years of our participation at IMRB events, we have found a lot of partners and friends.  Since 1966, when our company was established, we do our best to bring the best and the safest solutions. We work for you; you motivate and help us to be better.  I’m sure together we will make the mine rescue industry safer and more innovative.  Of course, we will continue supporting International Mine Recuse Body and our further active participation in all events. Looking forward to seeing you at the conference next year in South Africa! We wish you a good time and an interesting competition!” – noted Anton Sakovych, Chairman of the Board of Directors at DEZEGA

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