DEZEGA directed charitable funds towards the educational initiative of the Blagomay Foundation

благомай 2021

 DEZEGA supported the GO Friends IT Academy project. Our company has been cooperating with the Blagomay charitable foundation for several years and supports various initiatives of this public organization, indeed, because the main direction of their activity is helping children from orphan asylums and their adaptation to real-life conditions. At present 5000 children from 84 orphan asylums from all over Ukraine are under the wardship of the foundation.

No matter how sad the statistics are, recent researches show how deplorable the situation is with the adaptation to real-life of children from orphan asylums and boarding schools, how difficult it is for them to find their profession and to be competitive on the labor market. Thus, 90% of graduates are not ready for independent living, 50% are inclined to delinquency and illegal actions, 23% become homeless…

The GO Friends IT Academy project is focused not only on familiarizing boarding school pupils with IT technologies but to give them the opportunity to become a master in a modern profession, find a job after graduation and be competitive in this sphere. The learning process contains four stages: the qualifying round, probation, education and employment. The educational program includes learning English, time management, soft skills and HTML/CSS JavaScript.

“Being a socially responsible business, we have the opportunity to support children from orphan asylums, because children are our future. It’s perfectly clear to everyone that Ukraine is considered as a talent factory of the best IT specialists, therefore, we should provide such an opportunity - to master the IT specialty for children from boarding schools and orphan asylums. I’m sure that there are many talents among them, they just need to be discovered and steered on the right course. We support various public initiatives, but most often we direct the company’s charitable funds specifically for the needs and education of children in orphanages. Let’s believe in miracles and do good deeds!” – said Anton Sakovych, Chairman of the Board of Directors at DEZEGA.

You can also join a charity and provide financial support to any of the foundation’s ongoing programs. The list of all active Blagomay initiatives is here.

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