DEZEGA devices will be used by employees and visitors of a mining museum in Austria

Schwarz Austria

In October 2021, DEZEGA shipped respiratory protective equipment to the Schwaz Silver mine in Tyrol, Austria. This largest Middle-Age mine, developed in the 15th century, is also called the “mother of all mines”: 85% of the silver mined worldwide came from this facility. As for today, the silver mine doesn’t function. There is a museum, which offers the excursionists the thrill of “travel through time”. Visitors can plunge into the history of the miners’ life of that time, observe different periods of the craft development and life through all difficulties of the work in a silver mine over the past 500 years. In addition, tourists are offered to go on an adventure tour by train to a depth of 800 meters.

DEZEGA devices will be used to protect the respiratory organs of museum employees and visitors in underground confined spaces. They will use the 60-minutes shoulder worn self-contained self-rescuers DEZEGA 1PVM KS, which are in compliance with European regulation. 1PVM KS self-contained self-rescuer is a lightweight, reliable and easy to handle device that assures minimal donning time in case of emergency and a long rated duration time. In addition, DEZEGA training self-rescuers and DEZEGA leak-testing devices (PGS-2) were delivered to this mine.  With the help of training self-rescuers, museum employees will be able to train the donning procedure and evacuation in conditions as close as possible to real ones. If the donning procedure is worked out to automatism, this is a guarantee of the correct behavior of a person in an emergency. If the atmosphere is dangerous to breathe, a trained user can don the DEZEGA SCSR within 7-10 seconds. The minimal donning time increases the chances of self-rescue. DEZEGA leak testing device PGS-2 is used to test the breathing apparatus for leak tightness. This is one of the most important workability indicators of chemically bounded oxygen devices.

DEZEGA devices were delivered through our reliable partner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, BT BAUTECHNIK 24 GMBH and its headquarter in Italy, UFO ITALIA S.p.A.

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