DEZEGA continues developing new market segments

DEZEGA at Tolga Kraftverk

The Swedish development company Skanska has ordered 1PVM KS self-rescuers from DEZEGA. Skanska is building two hydroelectric power plants in Norway: Tolga Kraftverk and Оsterbо Kraftverk. They plan to finish these two projects by 2021.

Scandinavian countries are actively developing large infrastructure projects, and workplace safety is a major prioroty. This contract with Skanska is another successful step for DEZEGA in conquening new markets.

“We try to develop new related segments apart from traditional for us market of coal and mineral mining: we supply our self-rescuers to the oil shale mining industries, to tunnel building companies and water treatment stations with underground reservoirs.” – noted the chairman of the DEZEGA Board  Anton Sakovych in his interview to Liga.

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