Congratulations on the Rescuer Day!

DEZEGA congratulates Ukrainian rescuers on their professional holiday!

Rescuer Day is an official holiday that is celebrated annually on September 17 in Ukraine.

The tradition roots back to September 12, 2008, by the decree of the President of Ukraine, when the holiday was renamed “Rescuer Day” and the new date of September 17 was set. This holiday covers workers of emergency rescue services, firefighters and other special organizations, including citizens who contributed to the elimination of the consequences of man-made and natural emergencies, as well as the protection of life and health of people.

DEZEGA sincerely congratulates all representatives of this difficult profession on a professional holiday! On Your courageous shoulders is an invaluable mission of strong-spirited and time-hardened people who maintain their readiness to fight against the unknown disaster day and night with honor and fearlessness provide protection and save people's lives. You are strong, courageous and brave heroes who are ready to come to the rescue of everyone who is in trouble. In these particularly difficult times in Ukraine of the struggle against the aggressor, your hard work has become an integral part of the resistance of the entire nation. After all, the life of every Ukrainian depends on your efforts, determination, courage, endurance and faith.

Let us express our gratitude for the years of devoted service and serving the people. We wish you peaceful skies, good health, happiness, strength, well-being, harmony in families and as few emergency calls as possible.

Sincere regards,


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