Best wishes on metallurgist day

Best wishes on metallurgist day

DEZEGA congratulates all employees of the metallurgical industry on their professional holiday.

The art of extracting the metal from the ore appeared a long time ago. And after that metallurgy came as the entire industry. Today metallurgy is one of the basic branches of modern industry, which holds all the power of the national economy. Metallurgy provides the basis for the sustainable growth of other sectors of the economy, enterprises of the heavy and light industry.

Dear partners, clients and friends!

Nowadays, despite the automation of many manufacturing processes, you remain the chief force that causes the ore to become high-quality rolled metal, popular not only in our homeland but also far beyond its borders.

So, on this solemn day, we want to congratulate you on your professional holiday – the Day of Metallurgist!

We wish you good health and success in your work. And of course, we wish, what would your family home was endless, as the ore deposits in the bowels of the earth and carried the same heat as the open-hearth furnace.

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