Another win in Poland

DEZEGA at Silesia

The company will supply 1PVM KS 60 min self-rescuers to the Silesia coal mine on the Poland and Czech border. This mine has been extracting hard coal for 110 years and for almost 10 years DEZEGA self-rescuers have been protecting lives and health of its workers.

A local manufacturer also took part in the tender and the mine preferred DEZEGA over the Polish competitor once again. The Head of DEZEGA board, Anton Sakovych, comments in his interview to Liga:

"We celebrated the 100 thouthand's self-rescuer manufactured at the Turkish plant: it went to Poland, where we have been winning one tender after another for the past two years, effectively competing with a strong local brand."

All self-rescuers for the market of Poland, as well as other countries of Europe, Latin America, Africa and Australia, are manufactured at the company's new plant in Izmir, Turkey.

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