Zafer Sb Mahallesi Nilüfer Sok. No:30
ESBAŞ 35410, İzmir – TÜRKİYE
Tel./ Fax.: +90 232 251 03 94/252 03-94

DEZEGA is rapidly developing and actively expanding into international markets. The discussion of new production facilities abroad started several years ago.

The new plant DEZEGA SP is located in Izmir, Turkey. The official opening ceremony was held on the 21st of September, 2017. The major reason to choose Turkey is its perfect logistics to the markets of Europe, South Africa, South America and Australia. Today, the plant manufactures equipment for all DEZEGA markets except the countries of the Customs Union and Central Asia.

The company is already expanding the production and warehouse facilities in Izmir to meet the growing demand for DEZEGA equipment.