Regular trainings of donning and breathing with the self-rescuer significantly increase the chances for rescue


DEZEGA Company provides a wide range of services for the users of personal respiratory protection equipment (RPE). Training is one of the most relevant services, taking into account the specifics and conditions of work in the mining industry.

People’s behavior in an emergency is difficult to predict and human instincts are sometimes self-defeating. The best way to increase the chances for survival is to train the donning procedure and breathe conditions in order to bring them to automatism.

Regular trainings with special unique training equipment by DEZEGA reduce the risk of failure to don and to efficiency escape from irrespirable environment.

The advantages of the training equipment:

  1. Exactly reproduces the peculiarities of donning and breathing in any of DEZEGA SCSR: (humidity and temperature while inhaling, breathe resistance, oxygen content, case heating, etc.).
  2. Reusable case (the case of the training self-rescuer can be used many times, if necessary replacing disposable sets and individual units).

You can conduct trainings both at the site, specified by the customer in special smoke chambers, training galleries and even in the mines, as well as on the territory of the DEZEGA test center. Training self-rescuers allow conducting the trial escape in the mine to confirm the time of the miners' exit route in case of an emergency.

In addition, the specialists of our Company have a successful experience in conducting online training, taking into account the realities of our time. The purpose of this training is to accredit trainers who will provide training for miners.

Also DEZEGA provides a number of training materials: user manuals, training posters, educational videos. Based on the results of successful training, participants receive a confirmation certificate.

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“The user has to don a self-rescuer within 15 seconds while holding his breath. The training self-rescue allows you to bring the activation procedure to automatism and to get acquainted with the peculiarities of breathing in real self-contained self-rescuers. After such training, some miners don the training apparatus in 7 seconds with their eyes closed/blindfolded,” – admitted Yuriy Spivak, Business Development Director, DEZEGA.

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