DEZEGA congratulates the State Militarized Mine-Rescue Squad of the State Office of Emergency Management in Ukraine on its anniversary!


110 years is an impressive anniversary and a respectable date, behind every year and day of which there is a risk for other people's rescue - you more than anyone know the actual value of human life. Your profession is noble and very dangerous at the same time, but thanks to the moral courage, toughness, bravery and professionalism, you cope with it perfectly.

Today, many additional emergency calls have been added to the mine rescue service squad and you perform your duties confidently. Only kindhearted people can devote themselves to this profession because each of you is a brave hero who risks his life for the welfare of others. You have an extraordinary mission to improve the world, which is reflected in respect, feedback and honors.

On behalf of the DEZEGA company, we wish that the gratitude of all saved people calls back in your hearts with faith, hope and love, so that emergencies and hardships happen as rarely as possible and the bright sun of the peaceful Ukrainian sky always shined overhead. We wish you prosperity, loyalty and honors. Always return home, where you are awaited, proud, loved and cared for. Good health to you and your families.

Thank you very much for your courage because you protect our peace.

In addition, DEZEGA will do the best to ensure that our respiratory protective equipment reliably protects you!



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