Breathing equipment testing devices DEZEGA CheckUp are in operation of gas rescue station “Azovstal”

Checkup and Azovstal

DEZEGA supplied testing devicesCheckUp to PJSC “MK “Azovstal”, which is a part of a metallurgical division of “Metinvest” group and is one of the largest Ukrainian enterprises in this industry.

DEZEGA CheckUp is used to check the parameters of compressed oxygen breathing apparatuses, as well as full-face masks and other breathing equipment. The product has an EU-type examination certificate in Europe and Ukraine and a type approval certificate for measuring equipment in the Customs Union. DEZEGA introduced the device to the market in 2019, currently, CheckUp is used in many countries like Ukraine, Poland, CU, Turkey, India, Vietnam, etc. In June employees of the gas rescue station of the metallurgical plant “Azovstal” successfully operated DEZEGA CheckUp devices. Gas rescuers noted a number of advantages of the new device. These are a shockproof plastic case with a carrying handle; an automatic digital device that works offline; displaying the check indicators for each node on a large color screen; the possibility to save the results and check them later on a PC, as well as a menu of tips for working with the device as well as for checking of breathing apparatus. Moreover, special skills and training are not required to operate this device, as it is very simple and intuitive.

It’s obvious that behind the supply of the electronic testing device hides a long and meticulous work of the DEZEGA head office and the Research and Development Center. This was preceded by a number of activities including "Technical conference on innovations from DEZEGA in occupational and industrial safety with regards to respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and underground communications”, which took place in September 2020 in Kryvyi Rih. Our employees held a number of presentations and negotiations with representatives of PJSC “MK “Azovstal”, as well as trial field tests both at this plant and at PJSC “Ilyich Iron and Steel Works”. During these events, users get acquainted with the functionality and operating instructions of the device.

The next delivery of DEZEGA CheckUp devices is planned for this month for gas rescuers of PJSC “Ilyich Iron and Steel Works”.

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