South Ural Respiratory Protective Equipment Ltd

13 Orskoe Avenue, Gay, Orenburg region
Russia, 462630
Tel. / Fax.: (35362) 4-19-95
South Ural respiratory protective equipment LTD

South Ural Respiratory Protective Equipment Ltd is located in Gay, Orenburg region in Russia. This plant was added to the DEZEGA portfolio in 2011.

The facility is more commonly known as the Gaisky OZON Mine Rescue Equipment Plant, because it was renamed only in February 2017.

Since 1982, SU RPE has been developing, manufacturing, producing, and maintaining chemically-bound and compressed-oxygen personal respiratory protection equipment for mine workers. 

Starting in 2014, the plant began successfully modifying and producing several popular compressed oxygen breathing apparatus using all-Russian components. SU RPE is in the process of designing self-contained self-rescuers (SCSR) more advanced than any other currently available on the Russia Customs Union market.

Every day, over 200,000 SCSRs produced by our Gaisky Plant are being put to use in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan.