JSW, a Polish coal miner, has confirmed its decision to buy over 20 thousand DEZEGA self-rescuers after the tests and the escape exercise

DEZEGA is ready to provide the documents, confirming fair reputation, to its partners.

Following a tender process in October DEZEGA will supply a mine of an international energy concern Eesti Energia with parts for KD-8 compressor.

Following the victory DEZEGA will supply the Tauron Group with a large quantity of 1PVM KS devices. This Polish energy holding company is an electricity generator and supplier and has coal-mining assets, especially in the south-western part of Poland.

DEZEGA supplies the construction of the tunnel of the high-speed rail line Follo Line with self-rescuers.

On the 1 of June 2018 DEZEGA won the tender to supply Сi-30 to Banovici coal mine in Bosnia-Herzegovina